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Why I Need Security Cameras and You Do Too!

If you are anything like me, (let’s hope not) but you are probably telling yourself, “I don’t need a security camera system,” or “This idiot is just trying to sell me something,” or “Dinner is a really long time away from lunch.” Okay, the latter is probably just me, but the former is for all of us. Let me give you a few reasons why I, and coincidentally you, need a security camera system:

Pooches and pistols don’t cut it.

One of the biggest objections I have heard from home owners of why they do not need a security camera system is they simply think they have enough protection already. The question is, do you? Dogs are man’s best friend and can be a deterrent sure, but they can be tricked. Someone whom your dog trusts could have fallen on hard times and intends to “temporarily borrow” your brand new entertainment system. Fido would have no reason to mistrust him. During a home robbery, some robbers are not above harming your poor pooch. Let’s avoid that. By purchasing a security camera system, you could supplement what your canine can’t do with 24/7 surveillance and the ability to view your home from anywhere in the country.

    Second objection I hear, I’VE GOT A GUN! Slow down, Clint Eastwood. Let’s not turn your nice suburban home into the O.K. Corral. I understand the appeal. A firearm is great for home protection while on the premises, but when you’re away from home a firearm is an additional item a thief could steal. You do have your guns in a safe though, right? However, even for us gun owners a surveillance system is extremely beneficial. It lets us monitor our property while away from home from our smartphone or other standard mobile device. We can’t always be there to see what’s happening, but a CCTV system can. 

Your business has a lot of feet. (And Hands!)

Your business has clientele, employees, and square footage (hence the feet joke). All of these require surveillance, constantly. Corny foot  jokes (last one; promise) aside, we need to protect our investments. A district manager I worked for would hammer the necessity to keep shrinkage low in my store. Any good business owner knows the need of keeping theft to a minimum. Theft can come in many forms, wear many faces, and cost you millions. The great thing is that a reliable surveillance system counters all of that. Employees stealing company time and merchandise? Countered. Rowdy customers damaging store property? Countered. Your maintenance guy spitting tobacco on the floor as he fixes the freezer? Countered. Okay the last one was made up, but you get the point. Active surveillance actively deters bad behavior. Remember that.

You need security to feel secure no matter where you are.

Why do we lock our doors? Why do we lock our cars? Why do we lock our cellphones and computers with passwords? We want to feel safe. Imagine a world where everyone was honest and where one could trust all people to treat them fairly. Sadly, such a world doesn’t exist. To take measures to keep ourselves safe we must set up a defense. Cameras record thieves, passwords protect sensitive information, and locks keeps items secured. All of these can be extremely beneficial but none more so than the camera. We can’t argue with video footage, it caught us in the act. A lock on a door might deter a thief, but a camera will catch him tampering with it. A true security camera system is designed to capture video evidence.

WD Purple Series Hard DriveI hear the voices questioning me, “Okay smart guy what if they break the camera?”No worries, a DVR or NVR recorder will store video footage for days, weeks, even months if needed. One way to store video footage is on a hard drive located in your recording device. Next, we can save footage to the cloud for a monthly fee. 

Make sure that it works.

Being in the security camera business as long as I have, I have seen all types of systems. Some reliable, some not. Some may be too expensive, while others are far too cheaply made. The fact of the matter is we need something that works. Not just a reliable system, but one that works for your particular situation. There are many different security cameras that do many different things, but not many technicians are as reliable and friendly as the security experts and technicians at Ellipse Security. They don’t just sell you product; they care about what you put in your home. Check them out. When purchasing a security camera system, it is important to buy from some one that will talk to you and explain the options. Also, service after the sale is paramount. 

Finally, these are just a few reasons why we need a surveillance system. We need them to supplement our security at home, to actively monitor our livelihood, and to feel as safe away from home as we do at home. We also need that system that we spent our hard-earned money on to reliably keep that same money safe. Don’t waste time trying to come up with reasons you can’t get a great system. Instead, make this blog writer happy and secure your home with a reliable system today. 

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