35 Foot Cat8 White S/FTP Ethernet Patch Cable, Molded Boot, 24AWG Stranded Pure Copper, RJ45 Male


  • Cat8 Patch Cable, RJ45
  • Length: 35 Foot
  • 2GHz / 40Gbps
  • Color: White



35 Foot Cat8 White S/FTP Ethernet Patch Cable, Molded Boot, 40Gbps – 2000MHz, 4-Pair 24AWG Stranded Pure Copper, RJ45 Male

Our 35 Foot Cat8 Patch Cable is 24AWG with RJ45 Plugs. These Cat8 Ethernet Patch Cables are the first to bring up to 40Gbps transfer speeds and up to 2GHz bandwidth using copper conductors and RJ45 connectors. Cat8 Ethernet Cables have jumped several iterations in performance over previous ‘Category’ Cables therefore, they are the first future proof, cost effective, high performance solution IT managers and data center operators have been looking for. Data transfer speeds delivered by Cat8 cables are turning heads across IT fields because it is a serious upgrade in performance, speed and stability.

Category 8.1 cable, Class I channel, features a gray PVC jacket, braided outer shield, with four individually mylar foil shielded 24 AWG pure copper pairs as defined in ISO/IEC 11801 and ratified in ANSI/TIA 568-C.2-1.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • End 1:Cat8 Male Shielded Plug
  • End 2:Cat8 Male Shielded Plug
  • Length: 35 Foot
  • Color: White
  • Wire Gauge:24 AWG
  • Shield Type:foil+braid


About CAT8 Patch Cable

Cat8 cabling was designed primarily for high-speed data centers where switches, servers, and other network hardware are located in close proximity. This newest copper communications cable offers greater flexibility both literally and in distances when compared to QSFP+ and Twinax DAC assemblies which typically cost significantly more and are often much more limited in scope. It has the reach to cover Top-of-Rack and End-of-Row or Middle-of-Row network topologies while delivering 10, 25, and 40 Gigabit data rates over BASE-T technology with RJ45 ends making it a drop-in replacement for Cat6a where rates beyond 10Gb will be needed today or in the future.

Stricter Specifications for Higher Performance

Cat8 has stricter specifications for noise restriction and crosstalk than any of its predecessors. The individual conductors are 24 AWG (American wire gauge) stranded pure copper. Cat8 patch cables are stranded to improve flexibility. Pure copper conductors provide the best signal possible. Each pair of conductors is shielded with an aluminum mylar foil to reduce, if not eliminate, crosstalk. These cables also have a braided shield, which protects from outside electromagnetic interference.

Cat8 Ethernet Patch Cables, 24AWG, S/FTP Solid Network Patch Cables, Shielded, 4 Twisted Pair, Up to 2GHz, 40Gbps Bandwidth


Cat8 Features


Cat8 comparison

High Performance: Our Cat8 Patch Cables deliver higher frequency characteristics, which enables higher data transfer speeds of up to 40Gbps and up to 2GHz bandwidth using copper conductors and RJ45 Connectors. Cat8 (Category 8) cables are much more stable and faster than Cat7, Cat6, and Cat5e.

Future Proof: The high performance delivered by our Cat8 Cables provide a future proof solution to your commercial, office or home networking needs. The transfer speeds and specifications of this cable will accommodate current and upcoming generations of active 10G and up to 40G networks.

Pure Copper Cable: Our CAT8 Patch Cables are pure solid copper cable, NOT Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA). Pure copper cables ensure a better signal and conductivity. In addition, Pure copper cables are most suitable for POE applications.

Application: Due to their high performance and speed, Cat8 cables can be used for Data Centers, Call Centers, VOIP Phones, IP Cameras, POE Devices, General Networking and even home networking applications. Rest assured that your cable installation will be able to accommodate networking devices far into the future.

Lifetime Warranty: Buy with confidence! Our Lifetime Warranty allows you to rest assured we stand behind our products and value our customers!

Cat8 Compatibility

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