COAX-50 Full Sized, Pre Made, RG59 Security Camera Cable, 50 Foot


  • Full Sized RG59
  • Length: 50 Foot
  • Type: BNC
  • Color: Black



COAX-50 Full Sized, Pre Made, RG59 Security Camera Cable, 50 Foot

The COAX-50 RG59 Security Camera Cable is Pre-Made (Pre Terminated) from Full Sized, RG-59 Siamese cable. Therefore, the cable is more rugged and performs better than other pre-made “mini” siamese cables! With this Full Sized 50 Foot CCTV Cable you can be assured perfect video transmission on all of your BNC Security Camera Applications. Your Video and Power are all in the same cable, making installation easy and allowing you to power your camera from the location of the monitor, DVR, Quad, Etc. You can also use a BNC Coupler to connect several cables together for runs of up to 500 feet! The Video portion uses the BNCF-BNCF coupler and the Power part of the cable is male to female so no coupler is needed. This Cable is pre-terminated to make your installation easier. In addition, it is 99.9% copper braided for superb quality images.These security camera cables will support all HD Technologies including: HD-TVI, HD-CVI, HD-SDI, AHD and CVBS.

The COAX-50 Cable can also be used with your older analog systems as well. There are a plethora of cheap cables on the market, but the COAX series cables from Ellipse Security will deliver better and last longer than smaller ‘mini’ cables. With the current High Resolution Images available from HD Analog CCTV technologies, you will need a cable that will deliver the best surveillance image quality available. Why purchase an HD System then add inferior cables? Here at Ellipse Security, we know that high quality security camera cables will eliminate a plethora of issues during, and after, CCTV System Installation. Our HD BNC CCTV Cables are designed for performance!

Compatible with any BNC (coax) Type Camera.

BNC Male to BNC Male (Video)
12VDC Male to 12VDC Female (Power)

Ellipse Quality Guarantee

One Year Warranty


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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 in
Cable Color

Cable Thickness




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