Samsung SNH-V6431BN Wifi SmartCam HD 1080P

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  • Wireless Video
  • IR Night Vision
  • Two Way Talk
  • Compatible with SmartThings



Samsung SmartCam Wifi Camera for Home Security, SNH-C6417BN

Whether you want to check in to see if the kids are safe or just want the reassurance of knowing that your home is secure, the Samsung SNH-V6431BN Wifi SmartCam is the perfect way to keep an eye on what matters most.  You can view your SmartCam HD from your mobile device anytime from anywhere in the world, giving you peace of mind.  Designed for optimum performance with Full HD 1080p video quality, simple set-up and an intuitive experience, the SmartCam HD provides the high caliber video experience you would expect from Samsung.  The SmartCam HD can be easily customized to instantly alert you to both motion and audio events so you won’t miss a thing!

The SmartCam HD delivers real-time notification of activity through your iPhone® iPad® or Android™smartphone or tablet.  It also has a built-in slot for a microSDXC memory card which allows for video storage for later review.  Once you’re downloaded the Samsung SmartCam app and have set up your SmartCam HD, there are no extra costs or monthly fees for viewing or storage.

The SmartCam HD WiFi IP camera introduces many advanced features such as Advanced Motion & Audio Detection, and Motion Zone Select.  Each camera is equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker for crisp, clear Two-Way Talk – one more way Samsung helps you be in two places at once! Capture all the details The SmartCam cameras provides up to 1080p Full HD streaming videos while the large 1/2.8-inch CMOS sensor allows maximum light, yielding vivid colors, brighter video and stunning details.

SmartCam SNH-V6431BN
With a 1080p Full HD resolution, a 130° field of view, and 50′ night vision, the SmartCam SNH-V6431BN camera creates crisp and clear images, day and night. It sends real-time alerts to your device when it detects key events using motion and audio detection and Motion Zone Select. Plus with Two-Way Talk, you can listen in and respond to the detected events right away to keep your family and home safe. So, whether you’re home sleeping or away on vacation, you know what’s happening at home with the SmartCam SNH-V6431BN camera.

1080p Full HD Resolution
The SmartCam delivers a clear-cut, in-depth view of your home through your PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet. It streams up to 1080p Full HD for clean and sharp images. Plus, the 1/3.0-inch CMOS sensor induces maximum lighting through the camera to create vividly colorful and exquisitely detailed videos for you.

Motion/Audio Detection Alerts
You can’t always keep an eye on your home. With motion and audio detection, the SmartCam distinguishes insignificant events from true motion events to reduce the number of false alarms. When events such as leaves swaying in the breeze are detected, it recognizes that it is not a major event. But when true motion events arise, like someone entering your room, it sends an alert notification to your device right away. In low light conditions, the SmartCam uses audio detection to capture the mysterious noises coming from inside the house. So even when you’re away, you’ll never miss out on any events that took place in your home.

Motion Zone Select
Motion Zone Select fine-tunes motion detection to specific areas that require your attention. You can select up to three zones on your smartphone or tablet, and you will receive alerts when it detects events within those zones. Whether your kid is trying to steal the cake you left out on the table or sneaking through the back door, it will send real-time notifications to your device immediately.

Dual Band Connection
The SmartCam supports both 2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz WI-FI connectivity to improve wireless connection. The dual-band connection alleviates the camera from experiencing signal loss and interference, which can hinder real-time feed. It gives you autonomy in the placement of the SmartCam, and allows you to choose between 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz network bands for an easier and more efficient remote viewing experience.








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