SAS-51688BDST STOiC Technologies 5MP HD Starlight 16 Channel Security Camera System


  • 16 Channel, 5MP Resolution
  • AHD, TVI, CVI, CVBS up to 5MP
  • View From Anywhere!
  • Stoic Starlight Technology



SAS-51688BDST STOiC Technologies 5MP HD Starlight 16 Channel Security Camera System

Stoic Technologies Commercial Grade, 5MP HD Security Camera System

Better Performance, More Features, Unparalleled Support   


This STOiC 5MP Starlight 16 Channel Security Camera System is a commercial grade, professional quality system that delivers Color Images in Extremely Low Light Levels. Stoic XVR’s deliver superior 5MP HD Recording and Hybrid support for AHD, TVI, CVI, CVBS and IP Formats. The Cameras are IP66 Weatherproof so they can be mounted indoors or outdoors without worry. The system includes (8) STH-B5M61W Starlight Bullet Style Cameras and (8) Starlight Dome Cameras. The SAS-51688BDST System Cameras also feature SMART IR for better Night Vision Images and night viewing up to 82 Feet in total darkness! The SAS-51688BDST comes with (16) 60 Foot Plug and Play Cables. Longer Cables are available here: Premium CCTV Cables  




The STH-B5M61W Weatherproof Cameras use STARLIGHT Technology to deliver detailed Color images in extremely low light levels. After most IR Cameras have long since switched to Black and White (IR Mode) the STH-B5M61W is still showing color images. They also have a ‘Through the Bracket’ Cable so cables can be completely hidden from view. The bracket can be rotated in all directions so the camera can be mounted from the top or bottom or at an angle. This Bullet Style Camera features up to 82 Feet of Night Vision and SMART IR for better Night Vision Images.





The STH-D5M61W Weatherproof Cameras use STARLIGHT Technology to deliver detailed Color images in extremely low light levels. After most IR Cameras have long since switched to Black and White (IR Mode) the STH-D5M61W is still showing color images. They also have a ‘Through the Bracket’ Cable so cables can be completely hidden from view. The ‘Turret’ can be rotated in all directions so the camera can be mounted from the top or bottom or at an angle. This Starlight Dome Camera features up to 70 Feet of Night Vision and SMART IR for better Night Vision Images.



Starlight HD Camera


Check out these two images taken in the same exact light levels. The image on the left is standard IR and the image on the right is using Stoic Starlight Technology. Color images provide much more detail especially in situations where shirt is essential for description, or you need to identify a car color or product. Starlight Cameras are perfect for any business that operates in low light conditions such as Bars, Restaurants, Internet Cafes, Power Rooms, Etc.

   With Standard Night Vision 




   With Stoic Starlight Cameras!




View From Anywhere! bitvision application

Stoic Technologies HD 5MP Security Camera Systems are 100% Mac and Windows Compatible. Remote Viewing is easy with iPhone, iPad, Android and features Live Search and Live Audio over your mobile device. The Stoic XVR can send motion alerts to your mobile device so you never miss a thing! Bitvision, the remote viewing app is Free from your app store. With the FREE BitVision remote viewing app, you can stay connected to everything that matters most!

More Options and Features!

STOiC Technology DVR’s are professionally featured and are also referred to as XVR’s due to their cross compatibility with all HD CCTV Formats. These Security DVR’s support AHD, TVI, CVI, CVBS and IP over Coax. All STOiC Systems come with a 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty and FREE Lifetime Technical Support. UTC (Up the Coax) Support means that you can control UTC supported cameras such as PTZ’s from the XVR without having to run an extra RS485 Cable.

Our Stoic Technologies Security Camera Systems are user friendly, and come with 100% USA Technical Support. If you are looking for a Commercial Grade HD CCTV System, Stoic Technologies is the perfect choice!

Learn More about the Bitvision Remote Viewing App


Main Features:

  • 5MP Super HD Resolution Images
  • Stoic Starlight Technology
  • 265+, H.265, H.264+, H.264 Compression
  • Email Alerts, Motion Detection
  • View from Anywhere with Free BitVision App
  • IP66 Weatherproof Cameras
  • 82 Feet Night Vision
  • RS485 Communication Port
  • HDMI and VGA Outputs
  • UTC Supported
  • 4 Channels Audio
  • Surveillance Class Hard Drive
  • 3 Year Warranty


WHY Choose STOiC?

View From Anywherebitvision application

With the FREE Bitvision Remote Viewing App available for iOS and Android. Never miss a thing! Bitvision offers easy connectivity and is a full featured remote application. Switch between cameras, take a screen shot or use PTZ controls (With PTZ Camera). You can view both live and recorded images. There are NO Monthly Fee’s or additional charges for the App!

Bitvision for PC / Mac / iPhone / iPad / iOS / Android

PC/Mac: Bitvision     iOS: Bitvision     Android: Bitvision


Best CCTV Image


Superior Image Quality

Stoic Systems incorporate the Highest Resolution Available in advanced HD Surveillance with 5MP Images. Enjoy crystal clear images Day or Night with our Smart IR Equipped Cameras. The 5MP Images deliver stunning clarity and the highest quality video.

Better Night Vision


Better Night Vision with SMART IR

Stoic Technologies Camera come equipped with SMART IR for superior Night Vision Images. SMART IR improves picture quality in IR Mode and eliminates the graininess associated with other IR Cameras. Detailed images are extremely important, especially at night.



Weatherproof CCTV


Weatherproof Cameras

Stoic System Cameras are IP66 Weatherproof Rated for Outdoor or indoor use! Place your cameras where they are needed most without concern for weather. Stoic 5MP Cameras are built with a Metal Housing and built to last unlike many plastic cameras on the market.



Commercial Grade DVR


Commercial Grade

Stoic HD Systems use Commercial Grade XVR’s and Cameras for to deliver high performance and reliability in a surveillance system. That is why our warranty is 3 times as long as most other systems.



Email Alerts

Email Alerts

Get notifications no matter where you are! Cameras can be individually set to send an email when motion is detected. On the go? Don’t worry, you can set notifications from your Stoic DVR based on motion events. Never miss a thing with motion alerts!



Surveillance Class Hard Drives

All Stoic XVR’s and NVR’s come standard with a Surveillance Grade Hard Drive* Hard Drive size is customizable up to 16TB. Surveillance Class HDD’s are designed  specifically for the Surveillance Industry to meet the challenges of HD Video Storage. Don’t accept anything less. We use both WD Purple and Seagate Sky Hawk Hard Drives.

Best DVR Compression

H.265+ Compression

All Stoic XVR’s use the latest H.265+ compression technology. H.265 and H.265+ allow more video to be stored in a smaller amount of space without sacrificing quality. This will maximize your Hard Drive space and deliver more video storage! Compatible with H.265+, H.265, H.264+, H.264. In addition, Stoic XVR’s can be set to record on motion only, by event, or 24/7.

UTC Support


UTC Compatible

All Stoic XVR’s are UTC Compatible. UTC or ‘Up The Coax’ allows for communication between the camera and the XVR without having to run an extra communication cable. This is especially useful when using a PTZ Camera or Motorized Zoom Camera with your system. Also, when using legacy Coax Cable that is already in place, installers can deploy UTC supported Cameras and PTZ Cameras without the time and expense of running new or additional cables.

DVR with Audio


Audio Capable

Stoic XVR’s have Audio Inputs so you can add a Microphone or Camera with Audio to your system. (Microphone not included standard) *Make sure to check your state and/or local laws regarding Audio Surveillance before installing or recording Audio.

Hybrid DVR

Hybrid 5 In 1 Compatible

Stoic XVR’s support all main HD Formats including AHD, TVI, CVI as well as Analog CVBS. If you have HD Cameras that are 2MP, 4MP or 5MP, they will work with the Stoic 5MP XVR. In addition, the XVR will support IP Cameras up to 8MP.

CCTV Tech Support


Free Lifetime Technical Support in the USA

All Stoic Technologies Systems, Cameras, XVR’s and NVR’s come with automatic Free USA Lifetime Technical Support. Technical support is performed in the US with live technicians.

cctv warranty

3 Year Warranty

Stoic Technologies offers a 3 Year Warranty on all products so you get the extended protection you need! It’s included! That’s 3 times the coverage most systems offer.

Package Contents:

  • (1) SAS-XVR51600 Stoic 16 Channel 5MP XVR with 2 TB HDD* (Upgradeable to 16TB)
  • (8) STH-B5M61W Stoic Starlight 5MP Weatherproof Bullet Style Camera
  • (8) STH-D5M61W Stoic Starlight 5MP Weatherproof Dome Style Camera
  • (16) 60 Foot Plug and Play Video Power Cables
  • (1) DVR Power Supply
  • (2) 8 Channel Camera Power Supply
  • (1) Accessory Kit


Learn More about Bitvision Here

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And why you should not buy a system from the Big Box Stores!!


Why Hard Wired Systems are better, and more reliable than the Wireless Systems:

Stoic 5MP HD Systems are hard wired for maximum reliability. Why is that better than wireless cameras or Wifi Cameras? Here are a few reasons for choosing a hard wired system if you are looking for a reliable, long term surveillance system.

  1. Cameras that are hard wired (Connected to the DVR with a video cable) provide images nearly 100% of the time while Wireless Camera Images may cut in and out, or disappear altogether with the slightest interference. Yes, running cables is more involved than hooking up some Wifi Cams, but the long term result is well worth it.
  2. Stoic Systems come with Siamese type cables that carry the Video and Power back to the DVR location so everything is powered in one place. Direct power also eliminates problems such as changing out batteries. If you need 4, or 8 cameras or more, imagine climbing up on that ladder and changing the batteries every few months or less.
  3. With Stoic Hard Wired Systems, all images are recorded to an XVR (DVR) so you can review at any time. Depending on HDD size, you can record for up to 4-6 weeks at a time. With Wifi or Cloud cameras, images are either not recorded at all, or only recorded in a clip when motion is detected. This makes viewing and storing video rather inconvenient.
  4. True wireless cameras (Cameras powered by battery) do not have enough power to deliver any significant night vision images. In fact, most IR ranges are 15 feet or less. With Stoic XVR systems, you get 60-90 Feet of Night Vision from the Cameras. Since most things happen at night, wouldn’t you want a camera that has a strong Night Vision capability? We thought so.
  5. Your Stoic System will still be recording, even if your internet goes out. If your Wireless Cameras are dependent on your Wifi Router, they will go out when your internet is down as well.

Any Questions? Give us a call at 877-880-7728. We Love to talk to people about Security Cameras!


Compatible Cameras: STOiC Technology 4 in 1, Samsung, Tru View 4 in 1, AHD, TVI, CVI, CVBS, Up to 5 Megapixel

5MP HD Recording over RG59/RG6 Coax (BNC)




STOiC Technologies CCTV Systems can be customized, personalized and reconfigured to fit your needs! Build the perfect Security Camera System for your application! Industry Leading 3 Year Warranty. We are a STOiC Technology Master Distributor and support all STOiC Systems with FREE Lifetime Technical Support! Call us Toll Free at 877-880-7728. 




Surveillance Class Hard Drives

Surveillance Hard Drives

Three Year Manufacturers Warranty

Free Lifetime Technical Support

Ellipse Quality Guarantee


DVR HelpNot Sure About Your Product or Compatibility? Ask an Expert!


Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 in
Camera Channels

Hard Drive Capacity

Audio Channels


Resolution Capacity

Supported Formats

, , , ,

Special Features


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