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CCTV Data Recovery

We specialize in CCTV Data Recovery and Surveillance Data Recovery. Recovering Data from Security Camera DVR’s and NVR’s can present some unique problems that require innovative solutions. Because of proprietary video formats, there is an extra layer of difficulty in the data recovery process. Our focus is on retrieving your CCTV data, securing it, then creating usable copies that can be delivered both digitally and physically on a USB Flash Drive. We have recovered data from DVR’s that were burned in fires, Hard Drives that had been accidentally reformatted and video from Hard Drives that had been sabotaged or vandalized. We also work with many Surveillance Cameras have On Board recording to SD Cards or Micro SD Cards as well.

The process is quick and simple and we offer different levels of processing depending on your urgency.

Fill Out the Online Form or Call Us and Get a Recovery Ticket number

Send us your device, DVR, Hard Drive, Etc.

We Receive and Secure your item and process the $49.00 Diagnostics* Fee

We will assess your item and give you an estimate.

If you tell us to proceed, we can generally have your data within 3-7 days.

If you decide not to proceed, we will return your items to you

               Some of the Services we provide:                                  

Data accidentally formatted

Data accidentally deleted or erased

Infected Data, Viruses, Etc.

CCTV Hard Drive Failure

Damaged or Destroyed DVR or NVR

Damaged Firmware or Disk

Fire at location of DVR or NVR

HDD and SD Card Data Recovery

If you suspect an HDD failure:

Avoid using the DVR or NVR

Consult a Data Recovery Technician right away

DO NOT Format the Hard Drive

DO NOT Delete any files or overwrite the Drive

Save the DVR, NVR or camera, if possible, even if damaged

Commonly Asked Questions:

Can I recover my video from a physically damaged Hard Drive?

In most cases, Yes. Although more difficult, many drives can be rebuilt and Data still recovered.

Can I recover my CCTV Footage from a DVR damaged by lightning?

Yes, it is possible to recover data even if your DVR or NVR got zapped by a power surge.

Can I recover my CCTV Footage from a DVR damaged by fire?

We have recovered data for several clients with fire damaged DVR’s.

If I formatted my hard drive, is my information lost?

Not necessarily! The chance of Data Recovery in these circumstances is very good!

How long will it take for you to recover my Data?

Depending on the Level of recovery, anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. We will give you a time estimate up front.

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Our Guarantee:

We will take every step possible to recover your data. We will also take every precaution to make sure your information is safe and secure both during and after the recovery process. We understand the urgency and sensitivity of the task you have asked us to perform, and will always proceed with that in mind.

Our Price Levels:

Level 1 Recovery

Normal Data Recovery

Working Drive Reformatted, Etc.



Level 2 Recovery

Data Corrupted or Overwritten

Minor HDD Damage

$259.00 – $499.00


Level 3 Recovery

HDD Damaged In Fire or Vandalized

Requires HDD or device Repair

$549.00 – $1250.00


Level 4 Recovery

Severely Damaged Drive by Fire or Vandalized

HDD or Device needs rebuilt or significant repair

$1299.00 and up, depends on severity and condition of drive


Devices we Specialize In:

Security DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders)

IP Network Security Cameras

Security NVR (Network Video Recorder)

Covert Security Cameras with On Board Recording

CCTV Data Recovery

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