Uniview Thermal Temperature Detection Systems

Thermal Temperature Detection Systems from Uniview

Temperature Screening Systems

Uniview Thermal Temperature Detection Systems are now available through Ellipse Security. Thermal Readers and Cameras offer a solution for measuring the temperature of people entering a facility or event. In addition these Uniview Systems offer Facial Recognition and Non-Contact Body Temperature readings. If you are looking for temperature detection devices for your facility, there are several models available to suit your needs.

With concerns about potential exposure to COVID-19, and the push for companies to re-open, temperature screening has become a necessity. As many businesses are focusing on re-opening there doors, there is a greater need for monitoring employees and crowds. Since screening individuals in a busy setting is impossible to do manually, many varieties of Automatic Temperature screening systems have come in to play.

For more details about our Temperature Detection and Recognition Systems, please call us toll-free at 877-880-7728. We can discuss your application in detail and recommend the system that will work for your facility.

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Showing all 9 results