MICO-MIC Outdoor CCTV Microphone


  • Weatherproof CCTV Microphone
  • Mount Included
  • Plug and Play
  • Not a Camera (Mic Only)
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MICO-MIC Outdoor CCTV Microphone

This Plug and Play Outdoor CCTV Microphone works with almost any System. This high performance, Weatherproof¬† Microphone is for use in applications where vandalism and property intrusion are of concern. The microphone is housed in a case similar to that of common standard ‘bullet type’ security camera but this is a microphone only. The included swivel mount allows for numerous mounting options. This outdoor security camera microphone is compatible with almost any surveillance system. Our CCTV Microphones are designed for ease of use and affordability. Add an Audio Security dimension to your CCTV Surveillance Application. The MICO-MIC Kit features a weatherproof outdoor rated microphone suitable for a variety of listening environments. The MICI-MIC Outdoor CCTV Microphone is also available in a complete kit with cable and power supply. Browse our collection of complete CCTV microphone kits. Just Plug a Power Supply in your wall outlet, Plug the Audio into your DVR Audio Input, and connect the CCTV Microphones Audio and Power to the other end. Generally, you will need a Monitor with Speakers or our DVR Speaker Kit to hear the audio live or the recorded audio playback but the sound is recording right away! The advantage of the stand alone CCTV Microphones and Kits is that the Mic does not need to be placed where the Camera is located. Sometimes, the perfect place for the Security camera is not the best place for a microphone. Place this Audio Surveillance Microphone underneath a customer service counter to ensure your employees are treating the customers fairly, or at a front door, cash register, baby’s room, backyard, front door, etc.

As with any audio surveillance, please check your local and state laws in regards to audio recording before using your CCTV Microphones and Kits.

For Installation Instructions: Click on Downloads


(1) Outdoor Microphone Bullet with Mount

Simple to use, Small enough to hide in covert devices.

  • Weatherproof operation
  • Low Noise
  • 12VDC Power Included
  • RCA Stlye Composite Audio jack
  • 12VDC Power 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC Plug
  • 3″ Long x 2.5″ Diameter, (Sunshield 3.75″)


Also Works with the following Samsung Systems:

SDH-C85100, SDH-B74083H, SDH-C74043D, SDH-B74043D, SDH-C75100, SDH B74041, SDH-B74081, SDH-C75083, SDH-C74043, SDE-120N, SDE-3000N, SDE-3003N, SDE-4001, SDE-4002, SDE-5001, SDE-5002, SDE-3004N, SDH-C5100, SDS-P5102, SDS-P5122 AND MORE!

1 Year Warranty
Ellipse Satisfaction Guarantee
Free Lifetime Technical Support

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in



Mico Mic Installation Instructions


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