SM1-W Outdoor CCTV Microphone Omni Directional


  • Pre-Amplified CCTV Microphone
  • Outdoor Operation
  • Omni-Directional
  • RCA / 12VDC



SM1-W Outdoor CCTV Microphone Omni-Directional, Amplified

This SM1-W Outdoor CCTV Microphone is an amplified, Omni-directional mic that can be used in conjunction with any of our DVR’s or NVR’s to add Audio Surveillance to your Security Application. The Microphone is Outdoor rated and requires a small bit of wiring for hook up. Omni directional microphones are microphones that pick up sound with equal gain from all sides. In other words, this CCTV Microphone will pick up sound equally from the Front, back, or either side. We have other Plug-And-Play Complete Outdoor microphone kits available as well here: CCTV Microphone Kits

Weather resistant, high performance, omni-directional pre- amplified microphone. For use in outdoor applications and can withstand exposure to various weather conditions. Built in limiter circuit automatically lowers the output level during loud sound intervals. Selectable lo-cut and hi-cut filters significantly reduce background noise. Includes a removable .5 inch wind screen inserted into a directing tube. Cast Aluminum plate mounts on any flat surface or on a single gang “bell box”, gasket included.

Features and Specifications:

  • Omni-directional 25′ pickup pattern
  • Low noise MOSFET pre-amplifier.
  • 500Hz-13Khz Frequency response.
  • Jumper selectable hi-cut/lo-cut filters limit frequency response to up to 900 to 6Khz significantly reducing background noise.
  • Jumper selectable volume range: “Line level” (0db) or “Microphone level” (-30db)
  • Adjustable gainin both volume ranges.
  • Peak Limiter: .5sec response time
  • 100 Ohm unbalanced output.
  • Directing tube with removable .5 inch windscreen.
  • 3 position Euro-style connector makes cable termination fast and clean.
  • Power: 12 to 24VDC @ 10mA.
  • On-board voltage regulator and RFI filtering.
  • Industrial temperature range: -40C to 105C
  • Conformal coated circuit board.
  • Cast Aluminum platemounts on any flat surface or on a single gang “bell box”, gasket
  • Dimensions: L 4.6” W 2.8” H 2.3”
  • Weight: 0.12lbs


Also Works with the following Samsung Systems:

SDH-C85100, SDH-B74083H, SDH-C74043D, SDH-B74043D, SDH-C75100, SDH B74041, SDH-B74081, SDH-C75083, SDH-C74043, SDE-120N, SDE-3000N, SDE-3003N, SDE-4001, SDE-4002, SDE-5001, SDE-5002, SDE-3004N, SDH-C5100, SDS-P5102, SDS-P5122 AND MORE!

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Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in


SM1-W Datasheet


SM1-W Instructions


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