Samsung Wisenet Compatible DC Power Adapter for CCTV DVR


  • For Samsung and Wisenet DVR
  • 5Amp, 12VDC Power
  • UL Listed CCTV Power Supply
  • 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC Plug
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DC-5AMP 12VDC, 5Amp Power Supply Adapter

Need to replace your Samsung or Wisenet DVR Power Supply? Here is a quality compatible 12VDC Power Supply Adapter that will work with your Samsung DVR, or Wisenet DVR!  This 12VDC, 5Amp Power Supply Adapter is UL/CE listed and provides a regulated 12VDC output when plugged into a standard (North American) 110/120VAC wall outlet. The DC-5AMP is a 5000mA Power Supply (5 Amps). Use this premium quality power adapter to power your DVR or several Security Cameras with the addition of a Power Splitter. The 5Amp output is enough to power several Security Cameras that pull more power like long range night vision CCTV Cameras, or Motorized Zoom cameras and provides continuous 5amp Power at 12 Volts. Always check the voltage on your Security Camera or DVR before plugging in a Power Adapter. Some cameras use 24VAC for power and should not be used with 12VDC Adapters. As always, if you need assistance, you can call us! We Love to Talk to People About Security Cameras!


Supported Wisenet Samsung Models:


SDH-B74086BF, SDH-C85127BF, SDH-C94087BF, SDH-B94047BF, SDH-C85105BF, SDH-C85085BF, SDH-C84045BF, SDH-C85100, SDH-C5100, SDH-C75100, SDH-C75080, SDH-C75083, SDH-C74043, SDH-C73043, SDH-C74040, SDH-C73040, SDS-P5122, SDS-P5082, SDS-P4082, SDS-P4042, SDS-P3042, SDS-P3022, SDH-P4040, SDS-P3040, SDS-P4080, SDS-P5100, SDS-P5101, SDS-P5080, SDS-V3040, SDS-V4040, SDH-V5100, SDS-V4041, SDH-P5080, SDS-V5080, SDH-P4080, SDH-B74041, SDH-B74081, SDH-B73041, SDH-B73045, SDH-B3040, SDH-C84040, SDH-C84080, SDH-4100BF, SDH-C75123BF, SDH-ST581


SDR-743061T, SDR-853072T, SDR-943072T, SDR-943071T, SDR-853072T, SDR-853032T, SDR-843032T, SDR-843031T, SDR-B85300N2T, SDR-B84300N1T, SDR-4200, SDR-5200, SDR-3100, SDR-4100, SDR-5100, SDR-5300, SDR-5102N, SDR-5102N2T, SDR-C75300, SDR-C74300N, SDR-B73300N, SDR-74301, SDR-B85300N2T, SDR-C75303N2T


SDC-79446BF, SDC-99447BF, SDC-99447BC, SDC-89445BF, SDC-89440BF, SDC-9441BC, SDC-9443BC, SDC-79443BC, SDC-79443BF, SDC-9442DC, SDC-7340BC, SDC-5340BC, SDC-5440BC, SDC-8440BC, SDC-89440BC


  • 12VDC Power
  • 5000mA (5 Amps)
  • Plug In Class 2 Transformer
  • UL/CE Listed Adapter
  • 110/120VAC to 12VDC Adapter
  • DC Jack 2.1mm ID, 5.5mm OD


Ellipse Security carries a complete line of Security Cameras Power Supply Adapters, Cables and Accessories. and both We supply 12VDC, 24VAC, Fused and Unfused CCTV Power Supply’s.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 2 in




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