Simply45-Cat5E-SH RJ45 Pass Through Modular Plugs For Terminating Cat5E (50pcs)


  • Modular RJ45 Connector
  • Cat5e-sh Supported
  • Award Winning Design
  • Pack of 100



Simply45-Cat5E-SH RJ45 Pass Through Modular Plugs For Terminating Cat5E (50pcs)

The SIMPLY45-CAT5E-SH is a modular RJ45 connector for Shielded Cat5e Cables

Simply45 RJ45 Shielded Pass Through Modular Plugs for 24awg CAT5E STP/HNCPRO STP Cables,
UL94 V0 CMP/CMR/CM/LSZH-B2ca to Eca – 50 pieces/jar

Shielded Pass Through RJ45 Modular Plug – Faster Terminations Done Right the 1st Time

Simply45 re-engineered the Pass Through RJ45 Modular Plug to be…

• Simply Better Quality
• Simply Easier to Use
• Simply More Affordable

The SIMPLY45™ Cat5e Shielded plug is a fully shielded single piece RJ45 with internal ground that allows Cat5e twisted pair wire conductors to completely pass through the plug and out the front. This award winning product will simplify your Category Cable terminations and deliver a better result. The pass through design allows you to see and verify the wire alignment order before crimping.

Do you need a professional Crimping Tool? Get the Simply45 premium Crimping Tool Here: Simply45-Crimper


SIMPLY45™ plugs and boots meet the highest fire and flame resistance standards as specified by UL94 V0 and harmonized with IEC 60695-11-10.

UL94, the Standard for Tests for Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliances provides a method for rating the ignition characteristics of polymeric (plastic) materials used for parts in devices and appliances.

Many RJ45 modular plugs on the market today do not comply with industry specifications for fire and flame resistance. They use cheaper polycarbonate material that does not meet regulatory standards RJ45 modular plugs including:

• ANSI/TIA 568 Specifications
• IEC 60603-7 Specifications
• Construction Products Regulation (CPR) EN50575
• Underwriters Laboratory (UL)
• National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and National Electric Code (NEC) Standards

Contractors that install non-compliant materials may be subject to liability exposure for violating regulatory codes. Why expose yourself for using non-conforming connectors with your professional installations?

SIMPLY45™ Connectors and Boots Use Only UL94 V0 (IEC 60695-11-10) Compliant Materials

UL94 V0 rating material will self-extinguish in seconds as opposed to creating a fire hazard. SIMPLY45™ plugs and boots are made with UL94 V0 rated material and are the perfect solution for certified cable installations. SIMPLY45™ is highly recommended for installations using CMP Plenum rated cables; LSZH CPR EuroClass B2ca-s1a,d1,a1 rated cables, and all other commercial/residential installation cables.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in
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