TI-NBD5152-48 Pack of (2) Wireless Ethernet Bridge, 5GHz Nanobeam Outdoor AP CPE, Easy Set Up


  • Wifi Ethernet Bridge, Pack of 2
  • Easy Set Up with Dip Switches
  • No PC required
  • Point to Point or Multi Point
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TI-NBD5152-48 Pack of (2) Wireless Ethernet Bridge, 5GHz Nanobeam Outdoor AP CPE, Easy Set Up

The TI-NBD5152-48 is a 5GHz Wireless Bridge for IP Cameras. If you need to turn any IP Network Security Camera into a wireless Camera, this TI-NBD5152-48, Wireless Ethernet Bridge, is a great choice for reliability and easy set up. In addition, you don’t have to have any PC or networking knowledge with this Wifi Bridge because everything is set using Dip Switches. Therefore, your installation is simple and efficient. It is becoming more and more common with commercial installations that a wireless camera, or a number of wireless cameras are part of a surveillance solution. That means more installers are looking for Wifi equipment that is easy to use and reliable, in order to keep installation cost down.

TI-NBD5152-48 Application:

You may have installed a security camera system and realized you need an additional camera in an area where you can’t run cabling. With this Nanobeam you can add the IP camera to your system with a wireless video connection. Ellipse Security can work with you to find the perfect solution to your Wi-Fi needs.

The new TI-NBD5152-48 Wireless Ethernet Bridge provides a simplified application for wireless transmission for IP Cameras. No need to have a computer for operation, no technical settings, and you do not need professional network knowledge. Easy dip settings are used to achieve wireless communications. In addition, TruView’s Network Bridges (TNB) are specialized for CCTV Video Transmission compared to other AP brands which are mainly designed for NETWORK transmission. TNBs can transmit video data from 1km to 6km, meeting most of the CCTV transmission range.

TI-NBD5152-48 Quick Specs

  • 5GHz Nanobeam Outdoor AP CPE
  • DIP Function for Easy Set Up
  • 150mbps
  • Range: 1-6Km
  • 24VDC Power


Also Available Individually: NBD5152 Single Unit

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Point to Point Solution (PTP)

Point to Multi Point Solution (PTMP)


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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


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