Lighthunter Technology from Uniview

Lighthunter IP Cameras

If you are looking for a Security Camera that will deliver suberb color images even in ultra low light situations, look no further! Why? Because the UNV LightHunter Series Cameras are the solution. Uniview LightHunter Cameras stay in color even in Ultra Low Light situations. See color in the dark with LightHunter IP Cameras.

LightHunter Technology is an innovative technology that delivers vivid color, appropriate brightness, and extremely clear images in ultra-low light. This technology significantly improves the image brightness with F1.2 Large Iris design and a BSI sensor. With the specially designed, large size sensors, the IP Cameras have higher photosensitivity, and feature high SNR. In addition, UNV’s uniquely patented technology called U-ISP, improves the definition and brightness of images. U-ISP technology features a new generation of noise reduction to improve Signal-Noise Ratio and reduce blur. It effectively reduces blur with moving objects, therefore ensuring that the image is captured more like the true scene. With the combined hardware and software advantages, LightHunter Technology guarantees extraordinary images, full of color, even under ultra-low light.

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Showing 1–12 of 19 results