WiFi Lightbulbs, Speakers and IOT Devices

Home Automation is an ever expanding market with new devices and applications almost daily! As integration with Home Automation and IoT (Internet of Things) continues to grow, we strive to offer a variety of user friendly Home Automation Devices, Smart Devices and Security. Please feel free to ask us about Wifi hubs, Wifi Security Cameras, Alarm Systems, Video Doorbells, and even Wifi Light Bulbs!

What is a Smart Device?

A device such as a thermostat or light bulb becomes ‘Smart’ when it is connected to Wifi, or a Wifi Hub, that allows remote operation from your mobile device. IOT devices can be programmed from a smart phone so you can stay connected even when your away from home. Yes, these days that means even light bulbs and coffee cups can be ‘Smart”! We haven’t bought in to the coffee cup yet, but these smart devices listed below are becoming more and more popular.

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