120dB WDR

True WDR or 120dB WDR

What is True WDR?

True WDR is 120dB or higher WDR as opposed to Digital WDR which is less than 12dB Rating.

WDR stands for Wide Dynamic Range. WDR is a popular feature for integrators who want to give their customers a better surveillance camera. To put it in a nutshell, It’s the ability to produce high quality images across a broad range of light levels. In other words, the light coming in from a window may be much more intense than the light by your coffee machine. The camera takes pictures of both areas and stitches them together, giving you a better-quality image.

True WDR cameras make a big difference in environments that have varying light levels. Its important to be able to capture the image of someone’s face as they walk into a dimly lit office from the bright sunlight outdoors. A subject’s hairstyle, clothing and details around him are crucial when studying the video surveillance footage.

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