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View From Anywhere with BitVision for DVR and P2P

Bitvision Mobile App


View From Anywhere with Bitvision!

Stoic Technology has partnered with HeroSpeed to provide DVR and P2P devices for Bitvision, a new and improved remote management application. The Bitvision app delivers an upgraded user experience and new functions in remote viewing with Stoic DVR’s and XVR’s. With Bitvision, view your P2P security camera system from anywhere with more functionality and better user interface!

The most important features of a remote viewing app are ‘ease of operation’ and reliability. The Bitvision app delivers an improved overall experience and added features. Improvements include performance on login, previewing, settings as well as other functions. We have tested Bitvision extensively and like the new features. The app has a better functionality and is easy to use. We will share some screen shots below.


Improvements over previous apps are shown below:

User Interface

On the login interface, Bitvision adopts a neat and simple UI design and improved visual experience with easier navigation. Bitvision will also be continually upgraded, and a third-party login portal can be added to the screen to suit users with different needs.

Menu Access

We are committed to improving management efficiency and ease of operation. Bitvision, with the login menu on the left, puts the main functions of “Device”, “Gallery”, “Event Message” and “Cloud Device” on top. You can therefore, quickly find and view alert information, video in cloud storage, recording files, and screenshots as well. The new menu design makes it easier to view your data especially in an emergency situation. Bitvision is created with the premise and purpose of being more user-friendly. “Preview”, “Playback” and “VR” are on the homepage so you have easy access to desired menu items.

More Features

Bitvision has added a variety of new features over previous apps. By clicking on the device and entering the details, you can turn on the alarm switch and deployment time for weeks. You can also select the encoding standard of H.265+, H.265, H.264, and the resolution and frame rate in the application. The most efficient and current encoding standard can save space, and also lower the requirements for network speed. Live AND stored video data can be easily accessed through your bitvision app, and the capacity of the hard disk or the TF card can be viewed at any time. You also have the ability to format the Hard Drive directly through the app if needed.

Login Screen       


Main Screen Real Time


Main Playback Screen   


VR Options Screen


Dedicated Continuous Improvements

In the near future, IP/DDNS & Playback, where the device playback can be viewed without being affected by camera binding will be added.

Artificial Intelligence, will be added. AI (Artificial Intelligence) will feature Face Recognition and Passenger Flow Analysis.

We are dedicated to continuing to improve the bitvision application.


See User Guide Below for more information.

BitVision App User Manual

BitVision App

The BitVision client is an easy to use P2P network camera video monitoring professional mobile phone client software, connected by a sequence number, the only global P2P network and network cameras installed in the home or office, view real-time video images, and image capture, video. The scene situation users can learn in the shortest possible time home or office. P2P network camera of the software production and the company in the network of cooperation to normal use.

What’s New

Version History

Feb 20, 2019

Version 9.1.7

  1. Modified some French and added Polish language
  2. Modified ssl encryption to default off
  3. Login account to change the password bug
  4. Preview the bugs of the collected devices in real time




Size: 88.7 MB

Category: Utilities

Compatibility:  Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Languages: English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese

Age Rating: Rated 4+


Price: Free



11 thoughts on “View From Anywhere with BitVision for DVR and P2P

  1. Hi,
    Can we playback the recording in fast forwarding mode?

    1. Yes you can!

      1. How because I never can, when I press the 2x or 4x it’s still the same

        1. Hi Shamimara,

          Which DVR or NVR are you using?

  2. in the Android app I can not register my device because the captcha code is not showing in the field.
    the app wont let me finish the registration without the captcha code. I can not use my mobile view for my DVR because of that!

    1. Hi!
      The captcha code that you’ll need is on the DVR itself. You can find it on the silver sticker that’s on the bottom of the DVR. If you have any other issues, please let us know. Thanks!

  3. I can’t add my camera or NVR by serial number as it just says “device not recognised” even though they are both connected on the net and show on the LAN search on the Bitvision app

    1. Hi Paul, Please email or call for support.

      Email: [email protected]
      PH: 904-996-0061

  4. Hi, my bitvision gives me error 404 always when i go to playback on my iphone but it works perfect when i view playback on tv from the dvr,HELP.

    1. Hi Mark,

      Please feel free to give us a call at 904-996-0061 or just fill out a Tech Support Ticket using the link below:

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