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Uniarch Entry Level IP Surveillance

Uniarch Entry Level IP Surveillance Cameras and Systems

What is Uniarch? Think IP Cameras with an ultra-affordable price, a reliable quality guarantee, and easy-to-use. Now add a ton of features not normally seen in entry level IP surveillance and you get Uniarch by Uniview! We are constantly asked for a lower priced IP option for small business applications. If you are a Security Dealer, you have probably run across a client or two with limited budget options. Maybe you have just moved past this job or offered a quote that you know is probably out of their price range. However, many small businesses will grow and sometimes very quickly. Consider if you were able to offer an alternative, that meets the price point and allows the client to deploy an affordable IP Surveillance System. Therefore, you set yourself up with a foot in the door and future business.

Even better, you can do this while offering a low cost IP alternative from a proven manufacturer.

IP Surveillance for Small Business

If you are a Small Business Owner looking for affordable IP Surveillance, Uniarch is a logical choice. Our Entry Level IP Surveillance is scalable and meant to provide value for SMB. Lets face it, we know there are a lot of low cost options out there for surveillance cameras. The box store systems are cheap, but they are also… ‘cheap’. If you order on Amazon you really never know what you are getting. Most of these systems are problematic, difficult to use, and tech support is generally non existent. Wouldn’t you rather have an affordable system that can grow with your business? In addition, Uniarch systems and IP Cameras come with a 3 Year Warranty and Free, Lifetime In House Technical Support. We make it easy so you can focus on running your business.

Toll Free Sales Hotline: 877-880-7728


Uniarch hits the entry-level surveillance market with brand-new IP products that feature incredible cost vs. performance value. The New Entry Level IP Surveillance Line Up is budget friendly with advanced features.

Uniarch includes IP cameras and video recorders that are an affordable option for the small-to-medium business applications. The Cameras are capable of providing Ultra 265 compression which maximizes bandwidth and storage reduction. In addition, Uniarch features wide dynamic range to ensure excellent image with significant foreground and background illumination differences. Completely reliable and accessible, the Uniarch line up allows for expanding your customer base and acquiring new clients. This Entry Level IP Surveillance offers 2MP, 4MP and 5MP options, as well as a variety of form factors.

Uniarch, totally new look, totally cost-effective, totally not that complicated.


The New Uniarch Systems are Fully Covered with Manufacturers Warranty and Free Lifetime Technical Support! Yep! We stand behind the Uniarch Systems just like all of our other products. Affordability doesn’t have to mean that you are on your own. You can rest assured that product support is second to none, so you will have peace of mind along with your purchase. In addition, Uniarch IP Systems come with Mobile app and Client Software at no charge. View from anywhere on your mobile device or PC on iOS or Android as well as Windows or Mac.

View Uniarch IP Cameras and Systems Here



Mobile App for Uniarch IP Systems:



  • Available for iOs and Android
  • Add a device by QR code scanning.
  • Share a device to multiple users, as well as allowing multiple users to log in to the same account from multiple clients simultaneously.
  • Live view: live video in split view on multiple screens, resume live view, PTZ control, two-way audio, image quality, snap-shot and record.
  • Playback: recording search, synchronous playback, 4/9-split, SD card recording playback.
  • Alarm: Real-time motion detection alarm, alarm video, batch handling of alarm messages.
  • Sharing: Share device/channel, set sharing period and permissions, view/edit sharing history, cancel sharing.
  • Cloud account management: sign up with an email address, edit account info, retrieve password.
  • File management: sort image/video by type, export files, share files via third-party apps.


VMS for Uniarch IP Systems:

Unified management for IP cameras, NVRs.

Efficient device management: Automatic device discovery (or search by network segment); add devices by IP address/domain name; EZDDNS; as well as add devices and adjust time in batch.


Diverse functions:

Live view: scene, custom layout, split screen, auxiliary screen display, corridor mode, sequence display, audio, two-way audio

Recording: local recording, alarm-triggered recording, scheduled recording, recording download

Playback: synchronous/asynchronous playback, instant playback, smart search, recording search by time/event, and play recordings on SD card

PTZ control: preset, preset patrol, recorded patrol, patrol plan

Alarm: Service alarm (event alarm), device alarm (online/offline, etc.), alarm triggering (live view, etc.), real-time/history alarm management

E-Map: hot spot, hot zone, eagle eye, and map alarm

Download Uniarch VMS Version Here



Available from Ellipse Security Distributors in Jacksonville, Florida.

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IP Camera Video Broadcasting

IP Camera Video Broadcasting to Your Website or Social Media

Did you know that you can use an IP Camera to broadcast a live stream of your meeting, church service, class or gathering, to YouTube, Facebook, or your Website? Well, you can. With our IP Camera Video Broadcasting Service, you can reach more people by streaming Live Audio and Video over the web.

IP Cameras can do more than just monitor their surroundings. Using IP cameras to make video available to your public, potential customers or members, can be extremely beneficial. If you are a business or entity that holds gatherings as a part of your service, then you can take advantage of reaching people that are unable to physically come to your location. Just consider the expanded coverage of being able to reach people in their homes or while they are traveling. In addition, you can add cloud recording to your subscription therefore allowing visitors to watch and view at a more convenient time.

Video Broadcasting for Churches:

Broadcast Sermons and Church Functions to Members by streaming to your website, or Social Media. Church members can access your live stream when they are not able to attend in person. You can add Cloud Recording as well, so people can watch your event at any time.


Video Broadcasting for Hotels:

Stream your surroundings, including the convenience and activity of your location. Show people the attraction to your location by video streaming live. Arriving guests can also view weather conditions and text can be inserted for live notifications.


Video Broadcasting for Universities and Schools:

Stream your classes or seminars Live to your Website or Social Media for online learning. Video streaming a classroom can be more engaging than just online classes. You can also insert text to remind students of test dates or activities.


Video Broadcasting for Events and Seminars:

Give your clientele a way to access your offerings and services as a free or paid service.


IP Camera Broadcasting



Live IP Camera Broadcasting and Cloud Service pricing:


Free: Stream to the whole world for free

$0 Camera per month. Unlimited data.

  • 1000 concurrent viewers
  • h.264 + MJPEG support
  • Supporting high resolution
  • Live Audio
  • Responsive player for any device
  • Camera Status notifications
  • Accessible from desktop & mobile
  • Live & Email Support


STANDARD: Stream publicly without ads

$6 Camera per month. Unlimited data. $48.00 Yearly

All Free Features Plus:

  • No Ads on Stream Page
  • Password Protection
  • Scheduled Streaming
  • Branded Video
  • Google Analytics


Premium: Embed our player into any website

$30 Camera per month. Unlimited data. $300.00 Yearly

All Standard Features Plus:

  • Player Embedding
  • Domain Lock Stream protection
  • Custom Domain Address


Business: Popular stream for masses

$100 Camera per month. Unlimited data. $960 yearly

All Premium Features Plus:

  • 2000 Concurrent Viewers
  • No AngelCam Logo in Player
  • Dedicated Key Account Manager



Optional Cloud Service:

7 Day Storage: $5.99 per Month, Per camera

30 Day Storage: $13.99 Per Month, Per Camera

Plans and Pricing may vary by storage needs. Please contact us for additional pricing and storage information.



How does IP Camera Video Broadcasting Work?

Are you wondering if Video Broadcasting with an IP Camera will work for you? If so, you can call us at 904-996-0061 to discuss your application in more detail. However, we will explain briefly how the system works. The set up is relatively simple and does not require expensive equipment in order to get started. You start by choosing the IP Camera that will work best for your application. Do you need Audio? If so, you will need a camera with a built in Microphone, or is Audio Ready. Do you want to be able to move your camera around? Then a PTZ is best for you. Once that camera is installed at your location and connected to your router, we can do the rest!


We recommend this Popular Camera for Video Broadcasting:




Uniview 5MP IP PTZ with two way audio, motorized Pan, Tilt and Zoom, Starlight and True WDR.




DVR Help


Call Us Today!

If you want to discuss your project with us, that’s great! Call us toll-free at 877-880-7728.




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How to set the System Time and DST on Uniview

Setting the System Time and DST on Uniview

Uniview System Time and DST settings.


Manually Setting or Synchronizing the System Time

1. Click Setup > Common > Time, and then click the Time tab.

2. Select a synchronization mode.

3. Set the correct time zone and system time. You may also click Sync with Computer Time to synchronize the time settings of your camera with that of your PC.

4. Click Save.


Synchronizing with the NTP Server

1. Click Setup > Common > Time, and then click the Time tab.

2. Set Sync Mode to Sync with NTP Server, and then set the IP address and port of the NTP server and update interval.

3. Click Save. The camera will periodically synchronize time with the NTP server.


Setting the DST

1. Click Setup > Common > Time, and then click the DST tab.

2. Select On for DST, set the start time, end time, and DST bias.

3. Click Save.


If you need further assistance, or have any questions about the process, feel free to give us a call!

Considering using Uniview on your next project? If so, Great Call! Call us toll-free at 877-880-7728 for Dealer Pricing and System Design.



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